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How long do I stay off of my new driveway?

After your new driveway or parking lot is paved, you will need to keep automobile traffic off of it for at least 3 days, possibly longer in hot temperatures. Keep in mind that new asphalt will take time to cure, or harden, and will remain pliable for at least 8-12 months. Because of this, be careful not to park in the same spot frequently or turn the steering wheel when parked to avoid any scarring or scuffing of the asphalt.


I have a motorcycle (or RV) and want to park them on the new driveway. Is that ok?

Please be aware that kickstands, ramps, or jack stands of any kind can damage the asphalt in hot temperatures, causing depressions or holes. A piece of plywood can be placed underneath to distribute any weight to avoid this problem.


Will be watering down my driveway in hot weather harm it in any way?

No. Cooling down your driveway with a hose, though not mandatory, is helpful in hardening your driveway. This is especially helpful in hot weather. Be aware that if you see soapy suds develop that it is only a normal reaction between the diesel found in

the asphalt combining with the chlorine in the water and will not harm the driveway in any way.


I accidentally spilled oil on my new driveway. What should I do?

Avoid spillage of oil, gasoline, anti-freeze, transmission and power steering fluids and the like on your asphalt driveway. These chemicals can penetrate into the asphalt and weaken it causing damage like staining and holes. If this does occur, hose the spill off with cold water immediately.

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